Art & Creative Materials Institute


The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is a non-profit association of manufacturers of art, craft and other creative materials, and the primary sponsor of Council for Art Education.  Since 1940, ACMI has sponsored a certification program for children’s art materials, certifying that these products are non-toxic and meet voluntary standards of quality and performance.  In 1982, the program expanded to include certification of a broad spectrum of art and craft materials, including adult products, ensuring that health warning labels are affixed where appropriate.  Today ACMI has over 200 members and has certified over 60,000 art,craft and other creative materials.






Davis Publications




Davis Publications is a family owned, independent publisher of outstanding materials for teachers and students of the visual arts.  Davis is dedicated to helping the arts survive and thrive in schools across the United States and around the world.





ProPanels markets and distributes display panels for professional artists. The company provides panels for the Council for Art Education’s Youth Art Month Museum at NAEA.









Interested in partnering with us?

The Council for Art Education accepts non-financial or in kind donations to continue its work to provide materials, awards, and financial support to students and teachers.  

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with CFAE to advocate for visual arts education, either financially or with in kind donations, please contact us.



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